Saturday, September 12, 2009

Only The Odds of Friendship

Ender's Game-Ender

I’m sitting on my bed. It’s quiet. Too quiet. As I try to think of something to keep my mind occupied, I’m finding it quite difficult. I could draw, but I always draw. I could call a friend, but I have no friends. I could read comic books, but that is just tiring after a while. So here I lay now, on my smooth bed sheets, oh so very comfortable. I’m just not tired, I’ve been up all night its 3 a.m. I wish there was someone to talk to, really, I do. Because without friends, life is complicated. It’s hard to understand, so don’t try to comprehend it. It’s not going to work. By the way, I’m Junior. Half Indian, and half white. I go to a school outside of my reservation. The reservation s’where I live. The res is okay. However, reaching out to a new school is a big step. I really had the courage as an Indian to walk into a school with all whites. That’s quite some courage. And although my village friends feel like I’ve betrayed them, there is nothing I can do. I have to live my life the way it was planned to be. Just. Like. This.
3:00 a.m.
So here I sit, wasting my life away. By the way, I’m in my dark room with no lights on. It doesn’t creep me out. But to other people, yes. Because being nocturnal is unusual for any human being. Nevertheless, it’s not like I live that way every night of my life because that’s definitely not it. Some people just don’t get it.
5:14 a.m.
Well I fell asleep. And now I’m up again. I really thought I wasn’t that tired but I guess I should have doubted that. I’m a poor, tired, reservation boy, with no friends and absolutely nothing to do! I am so bored! But I guess I should go back and snooze. I’m out.
11:38 a.m.
Well good morning again. Today will be a great day. I’m making myself breakfast then heading out! And guess do absolutely nothing! But it’s a nice day for a walk. I hope I don’t get mauled over by any tough reservation guys...crazy drunks. Eggs are in the pan. I’m buttering my toast and, “Rapp, Rapp, Rapp,” at the door! Who could be here? Nobody comes in the morning. So, I walked over and opened the door very casually of course.
“Hey dude, could I use your bathroom?” asked a somewhat shorter boy than I was.
“Uh..sure,” I said. Therefore, I let him in and showed him where to take care of his duties. When he got out, he stopped in the kitchen.
“Thanks man, I really appreciate it.” The boy said.
“Yeah, sure thing,” I replied. But as I said what I had too, the boy was already storming back to the door and out.
“HEY!” I yelled after him. He slowed and turned.
“Yeah?” he responded with a surprised look, eyebrows forced up.
“Your name, you never told me your name..”
“Oh it’s Ender, Ender Wiggin, don’t worry, I’m positively sure we will meet again. Alright?” he chuckled. Made me think of something. This boy made me think of lots of things. Some I am not even sure of, but this boy...Ender...I had a feeling that there was something good about him. I was sure.
I started my walk soon after breakfast. Listening to the birds and just thinking of nice things. Trying to distract myself from all the chaos in my life. And I came across a shoe. A dark blue dingy shoe. Who would leave their shoe here I wondered. I didn’t know whether to pick it up or just leave it there. Therefore, I picked it up and chucked it into the woods nearby. Whoever’s that was is now going to have a harder time finding it. Their fault.
At dinner that night I remembered about the shoe I had chucked into the woods off the side walk earlier that day. I really thought about it. And how I’d feel if I lost my shoe. So after dinner I went out again, to find the shoe. I t took a while because it was getting dark. Nevertheless, eventually I found that thing lying underneath leaves and a bunch of other objects.
I took it home with me and studied it. It was a pretty decent shoe. Better than mine, at least... (Shoplifted from Kmart) I was determined that within the next week I was to find the owner of the shoe.
5 days later...
I took my rusty bike out today for a spin. The sunshine was beautiful. The elegant rays of light spilled through every tree branch in the neighborhood. And the temperature was perfect. I was approaching an intersection in town and I saw a boy he looked really familiar from the back. However, I couldn’t recall for the distance between us was so scarce. He started crossing the walk. I swear I knew this guy. Therefore, I decided just to call out and stop him before I lost him.
I pedaled so fast! I felt my heart would fall out in the middle of the road! Alternatively, even possibly my old rusty bike would have fallen apart. But through all agony, it didn’t.
“HEY! HEY YOU!” I started yelling so loud. Moreover, when I finally got his attention he signaled with his hand a hello.
And when I finally caught up to him, I was totally out of breath. Panting so hard, I thought I’d die at the spot. But I eventually caught my breath and said, “I’m Junior, do I know you from somewhere?” The boy looked at me,
“Probably,” he answered. “Actually, I used the bathroom at your place just the other day, I’m Ender...remember?” I suddenly remembered slowly.
“Yes. Ender! That’s it. I knew I had known you from somewhere!”
“Haha, yeah.”
By the way, um...” I suddenly looked at his shoes, and realized they looked exactly like the ones I found on the side walk the other day!
“Hey! Your shoes,” I pointed at them.
“What about them,” he asked.
“They look like...come with me.” I said. So, he followed. “You lost a side the other day didn’t you?”
“Yes, actually as a matter of fact I did.”
“OH!” I said.
Therefore, I brought him to my house, and showed him the shoe. Ender was very thankful. Especially about how observant I was on his shoes. He asked to hang out sometime; he says it’d be pretty cool. I’m excited. Ender is a great guy, and although I met him in the weirdest way, I was proud of myself for doing something nice. And most of all, making a great friend...”Ender Wiggin”

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  1. First, it was very well written. I like the way it flowed in the storyline. I like the fact that it is written in the first person more than anything that was just such a cool idea. I really like the way it starts, with the character sitting on the bed thinking about what to do. That really captivated the reader, making them want to read on. Sometimes a word was overused, like shoe was in the 14th paragraph (I may have miscounted). Also, there were a few grammatical errors: “Yes, actually [ass]? a matter of fact I did.” There were a few more spread out through the essay, but it was very creatively written, which made up for the slight errors. It was also very long, almost too long, but it had the right amount of information in it, and the conversations were very well done. Great essay!