Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I saw her face in the wooden chair. As sad as she was i wanted to talk to her. Her hair, blonde, purple, and blue streaks. Boucy curls lay limp. She just sat there in the creaky wooden chair. One light shone on her. The room was dark and spooky. I could have touched her but i was afraid. She sat hunched, i was sure she was crying. Her dress had looked like it'd been in grease. All ugly and torn. I wanted to help her. I was as quiet as a mouse as i walked up to her. The creaked. I stopped 3 feet away from her. My heart was beating furiously. She heard me...she looked up very slowly. Her face freckled. A wide grin spread across her face. I felt faint. She was as pale as ice. Her eyes were as red as fire. Then it went black. Pitch black. Irony black. But just black.

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