Saturday, October 24, 2009

1st Quarter ORB

1st Quarter Outside Reading Book Review
The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner. Dial Books, 2007.
Genre: Historical Fiction w/ tweaks of Mystery, Suspense and Romance.

The Red Necklace is a charming story about a young boy, (Yannick Margoza) and his journey over time to heroism. Taking place during the French Revolution in the year of winter 1789, Yann is a gypsy orphan brought up by a dwarf named Tetu. Yann’s has powers such as to be able to read minds and move objects. Yann experiences many challenges over a course of three years, from a young boy to a fine young gentleman, life is hard for Yann but his struggles make him who he is. It all begins one night when Topolain, a magician in group with Yann and Tetu, perform a show for a Count Kallivoski. In return for something Topolain had said, he had *accidentally* been shot. After that night things began to get fishy. Twists and turns, Yann eventually meets Sido a young heiress. Sido helps Yann and they form a connection. Throughout all the harm and chaos light brings them back together, in a rather quite interesting way.

“Stunning...Seamlessly meshing fact and fantasy, the author composes a suspenseful masterpiece.” –Publishers Weekly. “A book withholding many secrets unkempt. Leave’s every corner hanging.”

The Red Necklace is brilliantly written, every part is acceptable. Yann fights for his own will. This could be read by anyone of any age. It does not matter. If anyone were to say it was poorly written let them think again. The Red Necklace is a book for exploration and pleasure, delicately done.

“The sound of his feet on the pavement was the drumbeat that finally calmed him down. Gasping for breath he leaned against the corner of the building, grateful for the thick fog, and laughed out loud at his own stupidity.” (116)

Withdrawing this book from a shelf, I had little interest. I absolutely thought it was unnecessary to just even read the inside flap. Out of force I did, and in a way, I had a connection to it. I’ve realized now that I’ve read it what amazing work it has to it. I would never pick up a book by Sally Gardner and say, “Hey, I’m going to read this book because it looks interesting.” Historical fiction isn’t anything I’d go for. I really enjoyed reading it, it was rather sad, the Revolution and all, but it’s well done.

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